Super foods

Some plant foods are considered to be “superfoods.” These foods are particularly high in nutrients, and we should be eating them rather than the fast-food  junk that too many of us consume every day. If we focus on the quality of the food we eat rather than the quantity, we can eat much healthier and also save lots of money.

There is a bountiful selection of affordable, wholesome, nutritious foods from which you can chose to give your body the healthful nourishment it needs.

There is irrefutable evidence that plant-based nutrition is the very best for humans. Many of the processed foods and medicines that we consume daily contain extractions from plant life. In most cases, we are much healthier when we consume these plants as whole foods. Much of the combined organic benefits of plants are destroyed in the process of the singular extraction of its nutrients.

Following is a comprehensive list of plant-based whole foods.  Some of the health benefits of these foods are listed, but many have benefits that are too numerous to mention. You may already eat some of these foods, but you may not know, or remember, why they are good for you.

Some of the benefits attributed to these foods are considered “folk-medicine claims” because modern medical science is not yet able to validate what many cultures, anecdotally, know to be true.

Every one of the superfoods on this list is good for you,  you should try, at least once, each of the ones that are available in your area. The selection is wide and varied, so you have no excuse to not eat healthily.